What is it? - What are its advantages?

Tell us your business objectives, show us where your data is, we will execute the rest within 5 days (man-days)

  • Automated MLaaS (Automated Machine Learning as a Service)
  • Fast production, within 5 days , no deed for Data Scientists / Data Engineers or IT integration
  • No need for high investment cost, no need to pay for licensing or big data infrastrucute fee
  • Highly accurate systems (%25-%300 improvement based on benchmarks)
  • High RoI (20 X to 500 X )

Cloud MLaaS Comparison

Criteria Other ML Platforms Organon MLaaS
Computation Cloud On Premise/Cloud
Data Preperation Manuel Automated
Feature Extraction Manuel Automated
Modelling Manuel Automated
Scoring Batch/Real-Time Batch/Real-Time


What is it?
  • Problem Definition: Business problem and KPI’s will be defined
  • Data Investigation: Information about data sources will be taken
  • Target Handshaking: Statistical analysis about TARGET will be shared. Statistics from data and business expectations should be similar
  • AI Platform Deployment: Deployment of AI technology
  • Result Handshaking: Model performance Variables in models


How AI Platform works?
  • Data Sources : Automatic data read from different data sources.
  • Data Management : Automatic data merge and automatic data quality control step.
  • Feature Extraction : Automatic new feature generation from raw data.
  • Data Preparation : Automatic data preparation for modelling.
  • Predictive Modelling : Automatic modelling and reporting.
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